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Great comparison of results of supplementary pension savings funds for 2015, as last year resulted in new funds penzijka? Which pension company achieved the highest appreciation and which in turn devalued the savings of clients? Who has the best long-term results? And how it will look to the third pillar this year? On the way to college: What of the religious studies you do? Ask linkedin first work begin on Pení new series designed primarily for those who decide or will soon decide on what college you go. We will teach them to ask the right questions and also for them to seek answers. Anyway - some good questions already have heard. How to answer the title of? What will you do with the religion, international relations, nuclear physics? Babišová tax reduction on the price of beer does not take effect, experts say , if the reduced VAT on draft beer, as proposed by Minister Andrej Babis, it will have its price no effect, experts say . "From our experience with tax changes, we know that any reduction would be reflected in a much lesser extent than it should. Sometimes it is not reflected at all, "explains Lukas Eisenwort of consulting company EKP. Josef Středula: It is necessary to correct the tax system " is not just about higher taxation of high-persons. We need to consider whether there is reason for some tax relief. Solve should also be a tax on corporate income tax bases, flat rate and deductible items, "says the leader of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions to continue our conversation.

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Billionaire Vitek bought another shopping center in Mlada Boleslav already owns three third richest Czech Radovan Vitek bought the business center Bondy in Mlada Boleslav. Vítkov real estate group CPI Property Group acquired the shopping center from Raiffeisen Leasing Real Estate for an undisclosed amount. Vitek buying dominated the third large shopping center in Mlada Boleslav. The Minister Jurečka going further support for farmers. When investing to help them loans with deferred payment loans, which plans the Ministry of Agriculture to help farmers to invest. They are intended for the animal production and vegetable production for growers of fruit, vegetables, potatoes and hops. Jurečka terms of increased self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic. Also going to the new food labeling. The amendment, which is now in the House, to clarify what will sell like Czech food. The Hungarian Toll Toll Toll Service is interested in the operation of the Czech system. Costs promises to halve Toll wants in the Czech Republic from January 2017 to operate the Hungarian National Toll Toll Payment Services. Against today's two billion crowns has annual traffic of toll gates at roughly half the price. Through toll gates tolls collected in the Czech Republic since 2007 to more than 1,400 kilometers of motorways, expressways and selected parts of first class roads. Beef may be more costly. Czechs pay for the dry summer, farmers are running out of feed , farmers harvested less corn last year, which is used for feed production. Breeders will have to either buy expensive feed from abroad or reduce herd. It is therefore expected that beef prices will rise on the Czech market.

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Talks on Syria officially began, a ceasefire has so far not talk peace talks between the Syrian government and the opposition officially began. After meeting with representatives of the Syrian opposition in Geneva it announced the UN Commissioner for Syria Staffan de Mistura that on Tuesday he wanted to negotiate with representatives of Damascus. The five Czechs kidnapped last year in Lebanon is at liberty Five Czechs, who last July had disappeared in Lebanon He is at liberty and order. They were found in the evening and are now in the hands of the Lebanese security forces. It said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Authorities as soon as possible goes to Lebanon, chartered aircraft, which the Czechs repatriation. WHO declared due to a virus Zika global emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO) due to a virus Zika, which is associated with developmental brain disorders fetuses, declared a global emergency. Informed Reuters that called for by the expert committee. The same emergency WHO recently declared in 2014 due to an epidemic of Ebola broke out in western Africa. The US envoy to combat IS visited the north of Syria US envoy for combating extremist organization Islamic State (IS) Brett McGurk, whose task is to coordinate the action of the military coalition US-led Middle East, at the weekend visited the Kurdish region in the northeast of Syria. According to Reuters, confirmed that unnamed American and Kurdish leaders.

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